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The Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE) was founded on February 1, 1947. Its aims, as stipulated in Article 4*, are to "promote scientific culture, expand the industrial economy, and improve the quality of people's lives by furthering the development of automobile science and technology."

*Article 4: (Object) The object of the Society is to advance and develop sciences and technologies in connection with automobiles, whereby the Society will contribute to the promotion of sciences and culture, the progress of industry and economy, and improvement of the quality of life of the people.

In June 1947, JSAE was sanctioned as a corporation by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of International Trade & Industry and the Ministry of Transport. In 1981, it became a member of the Japan Federation of Engineering Societies and was registered with the Science Council of Japan as an academic society three years later.

When JSAE was first established, its members numbered only 1,500. Today, with the growth of Japan's automobile industry, membership has swelled to over 40,000 members and JSAE is recognized as a leading scientific society in Japan.

The organization comprises a number of committees under the Boards of Technology, Publishing, Standards, Education and Planning and all. Members of each committee voluntarily participate in a range of activities in order to exchange information on automotive technologies and to pursue innovation.


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