International Congresses, Conferences & Symposia
   The JSAE hosts various international conferences and symposia related to automotive engineering as forums for large numbers of engineers and researchers involved in the automotive industry from both inside and outside Japan to gather at the same venue and present their latest research findings. Participants have the opportunity to increase their knowledge in specialized fields through discussions, debates, and exchanges of technical information. At the same time, the JSAE also hosts various types of social events with the aim of deepening friendships between participants.
   These international conferences and symposia are an excellent chance to encourage the vitalization and development of the relevant technical fields and are highly rated as a way of helping to contribute to society.
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Conferences on Specialized Fields

>>SETC - Small Engine Technology Conference

>>P, F&L - Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Meeting

>>AVEC - International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control

>>FAST-zero - International Symposium on Future Active Safety Technology toward zero-traffic-accident

>>EVTeC - International Electric Vehicle Technology Conference

>>CVT-Hybrid Conference

>>BMD - Bicycle & Motorcycle Dynamics

>>Internal Combustion Engine Symposium

Comprehensive Automotive Conference & Congress

>>FISITA World Automotive Congress

>>APAC - Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference

Conferences on Specialized Fields

SETC - Small Engine Technology Conference
   SETC is an international conference that focuses on technology for small engines used for motorcycles, agricultural machinery, generators, outboard motors, and the like, as well as the components used in these engines, excluding the engines used for four-wheel vehicles or airplanes. Since the inaugural conference was held in the U.S. in 1989, it has been held in various regions around the world, with SAE International and the JSAE taking the leading role. SETC has been held annually since 2001 and, reflecting the importance of exchanging technological know-how with the production bases and growing markets in Asia, it has been held in a number of cities in the region (Bangkok in 2005, Penang in 2009, and Taipei in 2013).
   Co-organized by JSAE and SAE International
1989 Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA 2006 San Antonio, Texas USA
1991 Yokohama & Hamamatsu, Japan 2007 Niigata, Japan
1993 Pisa, Italy 2008 Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
1995 Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA 2009 Penang, Malaysia
1997 Yokohama, Japan 2010 Linz, Austria
1999 Madison, Wisconsin USA 2011 Sapporo, Japan
2001 Pisa, Italy 2012 Madison, Wisconsin USA
2002 Kyoto, Japan 2013 Taipei, Republic of China
2003 Madison, Wisconsin USA 2014 Pisa, Italy
2004 Graz, Austria 2015 Osaka, Japan
2005 Bangkok, Thailand 2016 Charleston, South Carolina, USA

P, F&L - Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Meeting
   The SAE International inaugurated this conference as the Fuels and Lubricants Meeting. Since 2000 it has been held in the spring as an international conference and in the autumn as a conference in the U.S. (since 2011 it has been integrated with the Spring SAE World Congress). The JSAE started joint hosting of this conference with SAE International in 2003. The name was changed recently to gPowertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Meetingh to reflect the latest trends in this field.
2003 Yokohama, Japan 2010 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2004 Toulouse, France 2011 Kyoto, Japan
2005 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2012 Malmo, Sweden
2006(2007) Cape Town, South Africa 2013 Seoul, South Korea
2007 Kyoto, Japan 2014 Birmingham, UK
2008 Shanghai, China 2015 Kyoto, Japan
2009 Florence, Italy

AVEC - International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control
   Initiated in Japan, the inaugural AVEC was held in Yokohama in 1992 under the leadership of the Chassis Control Technical Committee of the time. Since then, AVEC has gained a strong reputation as an international conference for vehicle dynamics and control and is now held on a rotational basis in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.
1992 Yokohama, Japan 2004 Arnhem, the Netherlands
1994 Tsukuba, Japan 2006 Taipei, Republic of China
1996 Aachen, Germany 2008 Kobe, Japan
1998 Nagoya, Japan 2010 Loughborough, UK
2000 Arbor, Michigan USA 2012 Seoul, South Korea
2002 Hiroshima, Japan 2014 Tokyo, Japan

FAST-zero - International Symposium on Future Active Safety Technology toward zero-traffic-accident
   A great deal of research and development in the academic and technical fields of active safety has helped to make significant progress toward reducing traffic accidents around the world. The first FAST-zero conference was held in 2011 to support the development of active safety technology capable of reducing traffic accidents to zero. This first event was held in Japan, which is a global leader in this technical field. This opportunity for specialists in the field to gather together and exchange the latest information should help to vitalize the technical and academic aspects of the field, facilitate the introduction of roadside infrastructure systems related to safety, and make a major contribution to the establishment of international standards.
2011 Tokyo, Japan 2017 Nara, Japan
2013 Nagoya, Japan
2015 Gothenburg, Sweden

EVTeC - International Electric Vehicle Technology Conference
   EV technology is attracting attention all over the world, whether in the form of pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, or their related technology. In response to this situation, the first EVTeC was held in 2011 (EVTeCf11) at the same time as the JSAE Spring Congress and Automotive Engineering Exposition. EVTeCf11 was designed as an opportunity to spread knowledge by taking advantage of the synergistic effect between exhibitions related to EVs and the Congress forum.
2011 Yokohama, Japan
2014 Yokohama, Japan (EVTeC 2014 and APE Japan 2014)
2016 Yokohama, Japan (EVTeC 2016 and APE Japan 2016)

CVT-Hybrid Conference
   This is an international conference related to CVTs and hybrid powertrains. It was held for the first time in Japan in 1996 as CVTf96 and has since been held throughout the world.
1996 Yokohama, Japan 2004 Davis, California, USA
1999 Einthoven, the Netherlands 2007 Yokohama, Japan
2002 Munich, German 2010 Maastricht, the Netherlands

BMD - Bicycle & Motorcycle Dynamics
   This symposium had been planned by Prof. Schwab of Delft University of Technology, and Dr. Meijaard of Twente University, and was held at Delft in 2010. The further conferences are expected to organize once three years.
2010 Delft, the Netherlands
2013 Chiba, Japan

Internal Combustion Engine Symposium
   This symposium is hosted jointly by the JSAE and the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME), who take the leading role in alternating years.
2013 Kobe, Japan
2015 Kyoto, Japan

Comprehensive Automotive Conference & Congress

FISITA World Automotive Congress
   With the first event held in Paris in 1947, the FISITA World Automotive Congress is the oldest of the comprehensive international conferences related to automotive technology, and it is now held all over the world. FISITA (The International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies) is the umbrella organization for the national automotive societies in 37 countries around the world. This network of member societies represents more than 180,000 automotive engineers and researchers around the globe. The FISITA World Automotive Congress is held once every two years and is one of the main events hosted by FISITA. The JSAE joined FISITA in 1960 and has hosted the World Automotive Congress three times, in 1964 and 1976 (Tokyo), and in 2006 (Yokohama).
1947 Paris, France 1982 Melbourne, Australia
1948 Torino, Italy 1984 Vienna, Austria
1950 Paris, France 1986 Belgrade, Yugoslavia
1952 Madrid, Spain 1988 Dearborn, Michigan, USA
1954 Munich, Germany 1990 Turin, Italy
1956 Rome, Italy 1992 London, UK
1958 Paris, France 1994 Beijing, China
1960 The Hague, the Netherlands 1996 Prague, Czech
1962 London, UK 1998 Paris, France
1964 Tokyo, Japan 2000 Seoul, South Korea
1966 Munich, Germany 2002 Helsinki, Finland
1968 Barcelona, Spain 2004 Barcelona, Spain
1970 Brussels, Belgium 2006 Yokohama, Japan
1972 London, UK 2008 Munich, Germany
1974 Paris, France 2010 Budapest, Hungary
1976 Tokyo, Japan 2012 Beijing, China
1978 Budapest, Hungary 2014 Maastricht, the Netherlands
1980 Hamburg, Germany 2016 Busan, South Korea

APAC - Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference
   The inaugural APAC was held in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1981 under the name gIPCh - International Pacific Conference on Automotive Engineering. The IPC group was initiated by four countries, the U.S., Indonesia, Australia, and Japan. South Korea and China joined the following year, Thailand, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka in the 1990s, India in 2004, and Iran in 2005, with a total of 11 countries now represented. Each member country hosts APAC in turn as a comprehensive international conference related to automotive engineering for the Asia-Pacific Region. The name was changed to gAPACh - Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference in 2007 to help attract new participants from the Asian region.
1981 Honolulu, Hawaii USA 1999 Melbourne, Australia
1983 Tokyo, Japan 2001 Shanghai, China
1985 Jakarta, Indonesia 2003 Bangkok, Thailand
1987 Melbourne, Australia 2005 Gyeongju, South Korea
1989 Beijing, China 2007 Hollywood, California USA
1991 Seoul, South Korea 2009 Hanoi, Vietnam
1993 Phoenix, Arizona USA 2011 Chennai, India
1995 Yokohama, Japan 2013 Bangkok, Thailand
1997 Bali, Indonesia 2015 Australia
    2017 Shanghai

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