Annual Congresses (Spring & Autumn)

   >>2017 JSAE Annual Congress (Spring)
   >>2017 JSAE Congress (Autumn)

Annual Congresses (Spring & Autumn)
   JSAE Annual Congresses in spring and autumn are the regular opportunities for Japanese and foreign researchers and engineers to present the results of their research in lectures and their technical papers.
Annual Spring Congress & Exposition
   This is the largest JSAE event, which is held in Yokohama every May. It is largely divided into Technical Paper Presentation and Automotive Engineering Exposition.
   The Technical Paper Presentation brings in more than 4,000 engineers specialized in automotive and related technologies every year, who make their latest research results into papers and deliver lectures to present them at the event. Each year, some 400 papers are presented. Both Japanese and English are the accepted languages to write such papers. An admission fee applies to this highly specialized event.
>>Link to 2017 JSAE Annual Congress (Spring)
   As an organization supporting public interests, JSAE also offers other opportunities to experience the latest automotive technology, free-of-charge, to not only specialists but also general enthusiasts interested in automobiles. One of such opportunities is Keynote Speech, where distinguished figures from the automotive industry present lectures in a large hall that can accommodate more than 1,000 people. In the past, presidents of prestigious car manufacturers and university professors have lectured at this event. In addition, we hold another event called gForumh, where selected specialists are invited to lecture on over 10 topics each year so as to educate the audience on the present situation, challenges and expectations involving automobiles as well as appropriate measures for their future. The Forum draws several thousand people each year - a clear indication how Japanese are interested in automobiles.
   Automotive Engineering Exposition is a gtechnology-centeredh exhibition, unlike general motor shows. It is the only exhibition of its kind with as many as 400 Japanese and foreign companies exhibiting their latest competing technologies every year. This event is also free to attend. Each year, 70,000 people visit and invigorate the exhibition. One of its highlights is Special Exhibits, which is planned annually. Ride and Drive, in particular, has been so popular that it has become a regular event. As people are socially much more aware of safety, environmental and energy-saving issues, safety-drive and eco-drive workshops using actual vehicles and test drives of latest vehicles are gaining popularity among the visitors, whether as a driver or passenger.
>>Link to Automotive Engineering Exposition 2016 YOKOHAMA
>>Link to Automotive Engineering Exposition 2016 NAGOYA
Autumn Congress
   This is an annual event that is held every autumn at different locations in Japan. Each year, JSAEfs branch offices take turns in cooperating to organize the event. At its main highlight, Technical Paper Presentation, several hundred papers are presented. Japanese is the main language for papers presented at the autumn congress. The Forum invites lecturers who are associated with that particular region and draws a large number of participants including the general public.
>>Link to 2017 JSAE Congress (Autumn)

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